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Getting Started

1. How do I get my company started?

  1. Complete  the enquiry form or contact Healthworks on 1300 90 10 90.
  2. Appoint a Company Representative to be the point of contact for the program.
  3. Pick a start date – EASY!

2. Who will run the program?

Healthworks. We will set the program up for your company.

Healthworks will:

  • Liaise with your Company Representative throughout the program.
  • Organise a link to be attached to your company intranet site.
  • Organise for the starter packs* to be delivered.

    *if applicable

  • Program Costs

    1. How much does Fitness Challenge cost?

    Start Up
    A one off fee consisting of the following:
        Online systems set-up and administration.
        Pre event and event promotions. 
        Coordination of prizes and starter pack. 
        Program management and support (troubleshooting).

    Fitness Challenge
    A per person cost which allows participants to have password access to the website to complete their 'tour'.

    A variety of prize vouchers can be used to maintain individual and team motivation. This includes:
        Randomly selected weekly prizes. 
        Grand team prize at the end of the challenge.

    Starter Pack (optional)
    Participants receive a starter pack i.e. running bag and exercise booklet.

    About Fitness Challenge

    1. How long does Fitness Challenge go for?

    The actual Fitness Challenge goes for 28 days. We do, however, have a promotional period prior to the actual start date to encourage maximum participation levels.